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Street Signs in Club Campestre

With only a neighborhood name and a lot number to define where you live, providing directions to your home has sometimes been a challenge.

The Hole Enchilada 2016

Get ready for fun, friends, family and action! Get ready for non-stop golf, beach time, whale watching, fishing and parties! Get ready for The Hole Enchilada 2016!

New Homeowners Administration Office

For the convenience of Club Campestre owners, the Homeowners Administration Office is now located in the golf clubhouse, in the offices that formerly held the real estate sales office.

Pueblo Campestre & Hacienda Campestre updates

Now marketed by our own in-house Questro Real Estate team and including beach and golf club memberships, there is simply no better value in Los Cabos than the homes in Pueblo Campestre and Hacienda Campestre.

New Real Estate Office

Questro Real Estate's in-house sales team is now staffing a brand new Real Estate Discovery Center.